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Protect Yourself and Your Family with Excess Liability/Personal Umbrella Coverage

A personal umbrella or excess liability insurance policy is an essential element of any well-rounded insurance program for  a successful individual or family.

Accomplished people are more likely to find themselves involved in litigation. Without excess liability insurance coverage to cover the cost of legal damages, all it takes, is one lawsuit to put your financial security at risk.

A personal umbrella protects you when the limits of all your other insurance policies have been exhausted. the cost of this coverage is more affordable than you may think.

Our private client group partner, PURE Insurance, has developed an online pricing tool that allows visitors to view estimates for this necessary coverage right online.

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The amount of coverage you should carry, depends upon your individual financial situation. McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group was formed to address the needs of accomplished individuals and families, who require a higher level of protection from premium insurers. Our private client team will review your assets, including your vacation home, automobiles, your watercraft, wine or jewelry or other valuable collections and will make coverage recommendations, taking into account your personal risk factors.

For more information on Excess Liability insurance, contact McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group.