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Smart Cars: Keep Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Safe

technology in luxury car

The Rise of the Smart Car Originally, the sole purpose of our cars was to transport us from point A to Point B. Throughout the years, as technology developed, the vehicles of today have become “Smart Cars.” With a vast array of sensors and intelligent systems, “connected” either directly or indirectly, to the Internet. We…

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What is “premium insurance” and why you need it.

estate insurance

What is “premium insurance” and why you need it. Accomplished individuals have more at risk. That higher degree of risk, requires a higher level of protection. We Plan for the “What if’s?” No one likes to think about unexpected events like a house fire or break in, but unfortunately these events do happen. How important…

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Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

Roof Missing, worn or broken roofing materials may allow water to penetrate and deteriorate the roof structure. Inspect your roof periodically, especially after severe storms. Contact a licensed roofer for further evaluation and repairs. Roof Flashing Flashing is located at the intersection of all roof and wall lines, as well as along chimneys and roof…

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Protecting your home’s interior from water damage

Whether caused by prolonged rain, heavy snowfall, old appliance hoses, frozen or corroded pipes, or even clogged drains, water damage is not only inconvenient, but also costly. Routine inspection and maintenance can help you keep water where it belongs. Use the following tips to identify potential problem areas in and around your house. While you…

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