Collections & Valuable Items Insurance

Valuable collection insurance provides superior protection for whatever you’re passionate about collecting.

Your collection is more than a hobby, your valuables more than possessions.

Protect what you collect, with insurance as unique as your collection.

Your collection reflects your personal taste and interests. A few rare pieces of artwork, jewelry, or an extensive wine collection, your treasures deserve customized insurance protection.

Your home insurance has limitations concerning collections and other valuables. Collection and valuable items insurance written through our premium partners (Chubb, PURE, Cincinnati, Hanover Prestige, and Berkley One), offers superior protection for your cherished pieces.

Premium Protection for all Your Prized Possessions

Whether you collect jewelry, fine art and antiques, memorabilia, or you have your own wine cellar with a wine collection of fine vintages, our personal risk professionals will custom-tailor a protection plan for your individual needs. Advising you of proper storage conditions, inventory management, and helping to minimize your risk of theft, breakage, or spoilage are essential components of our process.

A prized piece of jewelry passed down in your family, your Rolex watches, or your diamond engagement ring, each piece has value and meaning and needs to be protected. Custom valuable collection insurance ensures if your item is lost, stolen or damaged, it can be replaced with a gem of comparable size and quality.

You’re passionate about your wine collection or your collection of fine spirits. Your wine cellar full of investment-grade vintages, needs to be properly cared for and protected.

With valuable collection insurance your wine is protected against a broad range of losses, including theft, fire, and breakage, anywhere in the world.

A rare vase, a tapestry you found while traveling overseas, or a carefully curated collection of artwork, your collection is a reflection of your taste. Protect the special possessions that matter to you, with superior art collection insurance. Private Client Group insurance gives you access to some of the broadest coverage available, concierge-level service and a seamless claims process.

Coverage as Custom as Your Collection

Flexible Coverage

You select the coverage best suited to you. Itemized for individual items or protect an entire collection with broader blanket coverage.

Newly Acquired Items

For an existing itemized collection of jewelry, wine, art, or collectibles, this coverage automatically provides replacement cost coverage (up to policy limits), on any newly acquired items. Take up to 90 days to add your new treasure to your coverage schedule.

Protection from Market Increases

We’ll help you schedule regular appraisals to keep your coverage amount in line with your item’s market value. If the market value increases above your coverage amount at the time of a loss, you’ll receive up to 150% of the scheduled value.

Worldwide Protection

Each item on your policy is protected, no matter where it’s located.

Agreed Value Feature

From the start, we’ll help determine the value of your items. If you incur a covered total loss, you’ll receive 100% of the agreed value as a cash settlement.

Mechanical Breakdown

Coverage for your wine if it is damaged after a mechanical breakdown of climate control equipment or loss of utility service.

Let Our Team Protect What You Collect

Jewelry, memorabilia, fine art & antiques or wine, the Personal Risk Managers in our Private Client Group will help preserve the value of your collection. Our team works with you to protect the things you’re passionate about.



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