There's No Place Like Home

Your home is so much more than property. Your home is a significant financial investment but it’s also a place of family gatherings and lifelong memories.

Just insuring your home isn’t enough. Peace of mind comes from knowing that if anything were to happen, you’d be able to rebuild with the same degree of quality. The details that made your house a home, from upgraded kitchen appliances, to custom cabinets, and state of the art entertainment centers are fully protected.

Homes come in all types and sizes from condominiums and townhomes, to secondary and vacation homes to custom built residences.

With a range of coverage choices and broad protection, home insurance through McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group.

Key features of Home Insurance can include:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost
  • Cash Settlement: If you experience a total covered loss, and decide not to rebuild or decide to rebuild at another location, our premium insurers offer you a cash settlement, up to your policy limit.
  • Home Systems Protection
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Loss of Use – unlimited coverage to maintain standard of living
  • Deductible Waiver – large loss deductible waiver if deductible is $25,000 or less
  • Excess Flood Option
  • Increased Special Limits for jewelry, money, silverware, furs
  • Protection for unexpected situations: tree removal after a storm, restoration of electronic data destroyed by a computer virus or lock replacement if your keys are lost or stolen.
  • Green Upgrades – coverage after a loss coverage for additional costs to use approved environmentally friendly materials

Condominium Insurance

Whether you own a condo or a co-op, it’s your home and it’s more than just a structure. Your condo is a significant investment and condo coverage helps protect that. We will conduct a thorough review of your condo master docs and make coverage recommendations based on your individual needs.

Condo coverage features

  • Additions & Alterations Coverage
  • Loss Assessment Coverage
  • Risk Consulting Expertise.

Renters Insurance

Whether you own or rent your home, McSweeney & Ricci can help protect your personal property with complete coverage and exceptional claims service.

If you rent an apartment, the owner is usually responsible for insuring the structure, but what about your personal property? Renters insurance coverage through our Private Client Group offers broad coverage, including:

  • Full replacement cost coverage for your belongings
  • Worldwide car rental coverage when your liability limit is $1 million or more
  • Premium claim service

Whether you own a condo, a single family residence or an apartment, or are looking to protect your vacation or secondary home, you’ve done a lot to make your house a home and the value of that can’t be measured in dollars alone. With home coverage in Duxbury, Norwell, Cohasset or another South Shore community from McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group, you’ll never have to substitute inferior quality for your home’s distinctive features and you’ll never have to wonder if you’re protected.

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