High Value Home Insurance

High Value Home Insurance is one of many vital protections we provide to our Private Clients. The difference in products among carriers is considerable. Being improperly insured can expose you to financial risk.

Your home is more than property, more than an investment.

We specialize in the unique needs of luxury homeowners.

Insuring your home isn’t enough. If anything were to happen, you need assurance you could rebuild with the same degree of quality.

Coverage from our premium carriers (Chubb, Pure, Cincinnati, Hanover Prestige, Berkley One, and Vault), protects the details that make your house a home, from upgraded kitchen appliances, to custom cabinets, and state of the art entertainment centers.

Homes Come in All Types & Sizes

Whether you own a condominium in Hingham, a townhome in Boston’s Back Bay, a primary home in Connecticut, or a vacation home in Florida, McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group will act as your personal concierge, and will build a custom-tailored home insurance plan for your unique needs.

Vacation Homes

Owners of multiple homes have specialized insurance needs. And homes that aren’t occupied year-round, present a unique risk. Our team of experts will review your properties and help ensure both your home, and your home away from home, are fully protected by complete home insurance.


Your condo is a significant investment that requires tailored insurance coverage. Our advisors will conduct a thorough review of your condo master docs and make recommendations for comprehensive condo insurance based on your specific needs.

Coverage features:

  • Additions & Alterations
  • Loss Assessment

Renters Insurance

Building owners are usually responsible for insuring your apartment structure however, you need to protect your own personal property. We offer broad renters insurance coverage including:

  • Full Replacement Cost for Your Belongings
  • Worldwide Car Rental Coverage (when liability limit is $1m+)
  • White Glove Claims Service
Protect Your Custom Home With

Custom Coverage

Full Home Replacement Cost

Rebuilds your home after a total loss, even when costs exceed the policy limits.

Cash Settlement

Optional cash settlement, (up to policy limit), if you decide not to rebuild after a total loss.

Unlimited Loss of Use

Covers living expenses while your home is repaired after a covered loss, allowing you to maintain your standard of living.

Deductible Waiver

For large losses over $50,000, waives your deductible (if it is $50,000 or less).

Equipment Breakdown

You rely on the systems that power your home, such as heating, air conditioning, and home security systems. This option extends your homeowners, by providing coverage for losses due to mechanical/electrical system breakdowns.

Flexible Limits

You chose limits for personal property and collections, you can increase or decrease the limits if your circumstances change.

Let Our Team
Protect What You’ve Built

Whether your home is a condo, custom built single family, an apartment, or you’re looking to protect your vacation or secondary home, its value can’t be measured in dollars alone. With home insurance through McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group, you’ll never have to substitute inferior quality for your home’s distinctive features and you’ll never have to wonder if you’re protected.

Comprehensive Protection

Depending upon your unique needs, you may wish to select from the following policy add-ons to further extend your coverage.


For homes in high risk flood zones, this coverage extends beyond the limits of government sponsored flood coverage.


Provides coverage for data breach, cyber extortion, home systems attack, online fraud or computer attack. Coverage is tailored to your risk profile.


Protects your home or other structures while under construction or while being renovated



Additional Products