Jewelry Insurance

Protect your jewelry collection, estate jewelry, luxury watches and wedding and engagement rings with custom valuable collections insurance. 

Each Piece of Jewelry Has Meaning and Value.

Premium Jewelry Insurance to protect all your treasures

Your diamond engagement ring, the string of pearls from your great grandmother, your husband’s Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, have both monetary and sentimental value and should be protected by customized protection

Your home insurance has limitations when it comes to the protection of collections and valuables. Jewelry Insurance written through our premium carriers (Chubb, Pure, Cincinnati, Hanover Prestige, and Berkley One), offers superior protection for your jewelry collections and valuable items. 

Your Prized Possessions Protected

Jewelry is portable in nature and some jewelry is worn daily, which increases the risk of it being misplaced, broken or even stolen. The risk professionals in McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group will ensure you receive the coverage best suited to your individual needs and lifestyle and will advise you on ways to minimize risks such as theft, loss, and fire. If you do experience a loss, our team will be by your side and make sure you’re reimbursed as quickly as possible. 

Key Features of Jewelry Collection Insurance:

Agree Value-We’ll agree on a value for your items from the beginning and if you incur a covered total loss, you’ll receive 100% of the agreed value in cash. It’s up to you, whether you keep the money or replace your item.

Worldwide Coverage-Whether you are at home or traveling to your vacation home in West Palm Beach, your items are protected anywhere in the world. 

Coverage for Newly Acquired Items-For an existing itemized collection of jewelry, this coverage automatically provides replacement coverage (up to policy limits) for any newly purchased items. Take up to 90 days to add your new item to your jewelry schedule. 

Jewelry Collection Insurance May Also Include:

Protection From Market Value Increases-Our team assists you in scheduling regular appraisals and will adjust your limits in response to market fluctuations, ensuring you are always insured for the full value of your collection.

“All-Risk” Coverage-“All-risk” coverage for most causes of loss,
with no deductible. If your watch breaks, you lose an item, can’t find it or your jewelry is stolen, you’ll receive a benefit immediately, up to 150% of its value, allowing you to purchase another one of the same type and quality as the one you had. 

Our Team Protects What You Collect

Our dedicated risk advisors will guide you toward the best solution for your individual collection. With jewelry collection insurance as part of your custom insurance plan, you’ll have peace of mind your treasures are safeguarded. As our client, you will receive concierge-level service, white glove claims service and complimentary policy reviews. For complete jewelry insurance in Boston, trust McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group.