Cyber Liability Insurance
In Cohasset

Accomplished individuals represent a larger potential profit for cyber criminals are increasingly being targeted by them. Cyber Fraud Insurance through McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group provides protection from the potentially devastating effects of cybercrime. 

The More "Connected" we Are, the More Risk We Face.

Specializing in protecting high net worth Cohasset residents with complete,
fraud & cyber fraud insurance.

From communicating with loved ones, to banking and even shopping for groceries – more and more of our daily activities are conducted virtually. Unfortunately, these conveniences come at a cost. Migration to the digital space has greatly increased opportunities for hackers and other cybercriminals. 

High net-worth individuals are increasingly targets of such attacks. McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group can help keep you and your family, protected from cyber security threats with customized cyber liability insurance in Cohasset. Our professional risk managers will help determine the best cyber liability insurance plan to keep you protected.

Premium Protection From Cyber Threats

Accomplished individuals have more to protect. With the increasing threat of cyber crimes such as hacking, phishing, cyber extortion, cyber stalking, and  identity theft on the rise, cyber liability insurance has become a necessity.  McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group partners with premier insurers, including; Chubb, PURE, Cincinnati, Berkley One, Hanover Prestige and Vault, to deliver the most complete cyber liability insurance coverage possible. We offer a variety of products, to help safeguard you and your family from cyber attacks and white glove claims service to help you get back to normal life quickly if you should fall victim.  

Customized Solutions

The risk professionals in McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group have years of experience helping clients to understand cyber threats and the various ways to prevent them. 

Your Cyber Liability coverage is personalized to meet your individual risk profile and our team acts as your personal concierge providing you with exceptional service and partnering with you in the event of a claim.

Key Features of Cyber Liability Insurance in Cohasset
Can Include:

Reimbursement for financial loss resulting from fraud, whether the fraud was committed online or off.

  • Protection in excess of the standard coverage provided by your homeowners’ insurance, if money is stolen from your accounts. 
  • Additional protection if cyberbullying leads to false arrest, wrongful termination, or emotional pain.
  • Coverage for the cost to replace or recreate personal data and e-content such as software, apps, eBooks, etc. that are stolen or lost as a result of malware or a computer virus.
  • Provides for protection against slander and libel as well as reimbursement for reputation management services. 

Let Us Protect the Life You've Built

The amount of Cyber Fraud Insurance you should have, varies by individual and takes into consideration , your personal possessions, and your unique risk profile. Our team will review your personal risk exposure and will make recommendations for coverage based on your unique situation. As a client of McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group, you partner with a team of professionals who thoroughly understand your risks and will tailor a complete insurance plan (including cyber liability insurance) to address them.  Get the protection you need in today’s cyber world. Contact our dedicated Private Client Group today.