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What Makes Wine Valuable? The Investment Potential of Your Wine Collection.

Whether you’ve been building a wine collection for several years or are just thinking about starting a wine collection, it’s crucial to understand what makes wine valuable and which bottles have investment potential.

Five Factors to Consider When Building a Valuable Wine Collection:

  1. Who Produces the Wine: Only a small percentage of all the wines produced worldwide increase in value. In fact, “out of more than 2 million wine producers in the world, there are only about 500 that are known for providing the quality of wine that would increase in value over time.*” Most investment-worthy wines are produced in France, Italy and California.  Below is a list of wines with a history of appreciating in value over time as reported by Wine Spectator:
    • Bordeaux-The classified-growths of the Medoc, especially the five first-growths; top Right Bank estates including Cleval-Blanc, Le Pin and Petrus
    • BurgundyGrands crus reds, particularly from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, G. Roumier, Leroy, Ponsot, Ramonet and Henri Jayer
    • Italy-Super Tuscans, including Solaia and Sassicaia; Brunello di Montalcino, including Biondi-Santi and Soldera; and Piedmont, including Giacomo Conterno and Falletto di Bruno Giacosa
    • California-Cabernet-Sauvignon, especially Harlan, Schrader, Screaming Eagle and Ridge Monte Bello
  1. How Much of the Wine is Available: As a general rule, the more scarce the wine, the higher its potential to increase in value over time. A wine may be scarce if there was only a small amount produced to begin with or if the wine has been consumed over time.
  2. The Vintage of the Wine: Grapes can be extremely sensitive to even the smallest fluctuations in weather conditions. These small weather changes can make or break a vintage. Therefore achieving the perfect balance is difficult and maintaining that balance year over year is harder still. When ideal conditions result in the perfect balance, that vintage is highly regarded and can be extremely valuable.
  3. The Maturity of the Wine: Wines that result from great vintages tend to age better than those of lesser vintages. Hence, the longer the wine lasts, the more valuable it can become.
  4. The Score the Wine Receives from Critics: While some wine connoisseurs loathe wine critic scores, the score a wine receives definitely has an affect on its value. Scores from top critics such as Robert Parker, continue to influence how collectors perceive wines and their value, even with slight adjustments to scores.

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Oenophilia-“One who appreciates, enjoys or collects wine. Otherwise known as, wine aficionados or connoisseurs.”

Protect Your Investment with Collection Insurance

Wine enthusiasts who’ve already amassed a wine collection and those just starting out, need to properly protect their investment with collection insurance. Homeowners’ insurance policies have limitations when it comes to collections of wine, fine art, jewelry and other valuables. McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group specializes in providing custom coverage through premium partners like Chubb Insurance, to protect your wine collection.

Our team will advise you on how to minimize risk of theft, breakage or spoilage and will help preserve the value of your collection.

For more information on wine collection insurance or a complimentary review of your coverage, contact McSweeney & Ricci’s Private Client Group by calling (844) 501-1361 or send us an email.

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