Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

Infographic displaying various parts of house exterior

  1. Roof

    Missing, worn or broken roofing materials may allow water to penetrate and deteriorate the roof structure. Inspect your roof periodically, especially after severe storms. Contact a licensed roofer for further evaluation and repairs.

  2. Roof Flashing

    Flashing is located at the intersection of all roof and wall lines, as well as along chimneys and roof valleys. Flashings may separate from adjacent surfaces and allow water to leak inside. A licensed roofer can inspect these areas and make necessary repairs.

  3. Ice Damming

    If you live in a cold climate, ice may form under snow that accumulates on the roof and overhangs. This can cause water to back up and leak into your attic and home. To prevent this, be sure there is adequate ventilation in all attic and overhang areas.

  4. Gutters/Downspouts

    If you live in a wooded area, falling leaves may clog the gutters and lead to water backup that could damage your exterior siding. In late fall, have all gutters and downspouts cleared of leaves and debris.

  5. Grade of Property

    Soil should be graded from the foundation so that water flows away from the house during heavy rain or snow.

  6. Outdoor Hoses

    Turn off exterior hose bibs during the winter or if you will be away from home for a long time.

  7. Window Wells

    Check basement window wells to ensure that they are clear of leaves and other debris. Consider installing window well covers.

  8. Windows/Doors

    Inspect windows and exterior doors for proper caulking and weather stripping.

  9. Exterior Paint/Siding

    Periodically check for peeling and cracking.

  10. Terraces/Balconies

    Regularly inspect terraces and balconies. Old or inferior flashing at the intersection of an outdoor terrace or balcony, located above a living area with a vertical exterior wall, can cause water leakage during heavy rain or wind.

  11. Exterior Drains

    Regularly remove leaves and other debris from exterior patio drains.

Source: Chubb Insurance