Protecting Your Jewelry from theft from our trusted partners at CHUBB

How To Protect Your Jewelry

Get an appraisal to make sure you know how much it’s worth.

Every 2-3 years if you have items

  • Worth $100,000 or more
  • Containing diamonds of 3 carats or more

Every 3-5 years for the collection

Use a professional jeweler with a Graduate Diamond or gemologist certification.

Make it hard for burglars

House Tips

Tip 1

The first place burglars look is a jewelry box in the master bedroom or bathroom. Put your fine jewelry in a bank vault or in-house safe in an inconspicuous place.

Tip 2

Store jewelry in multiple safes in different places in the house.

  • 68% Burglars look for jewelry.*
  • 10 min : How long a burglar typically spends in a house.**
  • 60% Burglars avoid houses with alarms.* Connect your safe to your home alarm system.
  • 30 min : How long the body and door of a TL-30 rated safe will successfully resist entry when attacked with common mechanical and electronic tools.

Keep Track of It

Over 50% of jewelry claims are because a piece was lost or misplaced not stolen.

Every 1-2 years, restring pearl necklaces that are worn regularly to prevent them from breaking.

Traveling Tips:

  • Check for loose stones before leaving
  • Make a list of items and keep them with you at all times
  • Pack them in non-descript packaging
  • Keep it in the hotel safe, not in-room safe
  • Don’t wear them to the pool, beach, skiing or biking

*Source: “Understanding decisions to burglarize from the offender’s perspective,” The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, December 2012

** “10 Surprising Home Burglary Stats and Facts,” The SafeWise Report,, September 13, 2016

content reprinted from CHUBB